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Notes/Chords for "Pehala Nasha" (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander) Language : Hindi
Song     : Pehala Nasha
Movie    : Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander
Scale/Key: C (Orig:F, Transpose:+5, See Legend for more details)
Band version contains notes for prelude/interlude and bar-by-bar chords

Chahe Tum Kuch Na KahO Meine Sunliya
e  d  d c c b  c  d a  e  f  e dc cdc
            .       .

C              F      C              C  G

Ke Saathi Pyar Kaa Mujhe Chunliya
e  e d c  g  g ded e f   e  dc c
C         G        Asus4         F

Chunliya  Meine Sunliya
c d e ed  d  e  c de ed
       Gsus4          G

pehalaa nashaa pehalaa khumaar
e e g   g gag  g c d   g  g  e
C         Am       Gsus4      C

nayaa pyaar hain... nayaa intazaar
e e   g   g gag gag f e   d d ded
C            Am7          G

karaluun mein kya apna haal
c b a    b    c   ffe  e
  . .    .

    F                  C

ai dil-e-beqaraar. mere. dil-e-beqaraar
a  b   c e d d ded cbaba b   c f e e
.  .                .... .

F            G       F             C

tU hii bataa
cd e   c e
         Gsus4  G

<Pehala Nasha...>

Charanam 1
udataa hii phiruun in havaaon mein kahiin
Cb C g a   a# aa#a a  g fed d a    g g
C             F         Dm         C

ya mein jhuul jaauun in ghataaon mein kahiiin
Cb C  g a  a# a  a   a  g  fed d a    g g
C             F            Dm         C

ek karuthun aasamaan aur zamiin
gf g g a    a#a g    g   f ga#g
Eb                     C

kahO yaaro kya karuun kya nahiin
g f  g  a  a#  C C  f f   e fgf
     Bb                     F     F   G

<Pehala Nasha ...>