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Note and chords for the kannada song "Jotheyali" (Geetha) Language : Kannada
Song     : Jotheyali
Movie    : Geetha
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm
Notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords can be found here

Jotheyalii Jothe Jotheyali Eruvenu Heege Yendu
g d  p g~s s r   g d  p g   r s r  g  r  g  r
Cm                                 Csus2

Hosa Harushava Taruvenu Innu Yendu
s r  g d p  g  g r s r  g r  g  r

Hooooooooooooo Yentha Maathaadiidae Yendu
pdpdpdpdpdp~~g g  p   p~nn~d2n~Sndp g  m2
D#                    A#      

Neeeeeeeeeeeee Yentha Maathaadiedae
pdpdpdpdpdp~~g g  p   p~nn~d2n~Sndp
D#                    A#

Nanna Manasina Bhavane Neene Heliidaee
p  d  S G R S  d pg p  d  d  d2n  n~dp
      Cm               G#    F A# G


Charanam 1

Preetiyenndaraaenu Yenndu Eeeaagaaa Ariitenuu
n3~SS n3~SS  n3~SS  SRSGRSn3p pm~gm m~p
Cm                        G               Cm

Savinudiyalii Tanu Aralituu
r g m n d2m~r r g  mn d2nSn
    F              A#

Saviganasalii Mana Kuniyitu
r g m n d2m~r r g  m n d p
    F              D#      G

Olavina Eee Maatigae Karigihodae Nootakae
pm2p G  GMG G~RR GMG p m2p G M~G G~RR GMG
     Cm Fm       Cm        Cm Fm      Cm

Koduve Ninage Baa Preeti Kaanikaee
G S d  R n m  m~p d   d  d2 n ndnp
G#     A#         G#     F  A#G