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Language : Kannada
Song     : Saagali Teli Tarangadholu
Movie    : Maya Bazaar
Defaults : s r2 g3 p d2 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (not necessarily original but chose to align chords with the scale of the notes)


Saagali Teli Tarangadholu
d ss s  rgrs s r gs r  rpg

OhhO  Jagavae Thoogenuthaa  DhOniyutha Thoogenutha
gddpd pgpggrs s   r g rgsr  gpgr s s r g pgr s s
C             C       Dsus4 C

aaaa..aaaa    aaaa..aaaa
srgp..dpdp    gpdS  RSRS

Charanam 1

Thaarachandhrake  Vilasa Holethu..uuuuu
s   r g p p   p   p d S  d p p    dSpdp
C                 Am     C

Vikasitha Jyosthna Madhumaleyol Priyavadhuvol
p d d Sd  dpdp  gr s r  r p g   s  r r p  g
Am        Dsus4    C

ullavanadholu Suma Suma Thidii
pgp d S S  S  d S  S S  SRSSd
C                       Am

Bandhavaaayu aalinganadhol
dS S  SdSdp  gpp Sd p grsr

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