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Carnatic Notes and Chords for "Andhi Mazhai" (Raaja Paarvai) Language : Tamil
Song     : Andhi Mazhai Pozhigiradhu
Movie    : Raaja Paarvai
Defaults : s r1 g3 m1 d2 n3 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (even though sruthi/pitch is C, there is no Cmaj or Cmin chord)
Band version (notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords)
Chords: courtesy Kishmu


Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu
gmm   m m    g m  d m g
F            F      Am

ovvoru thuLiyilum un  mugam therigiradhu
m d m  g  g g d   mdm m g   r  r r s s
Am                F         Bbm      F

indiran thOttathu mundhiriye
ndd n   s   s m   gmgr  s s
... .
FM7               C

manmadha naattukku mandhiriye
nd d n   s   s  m  gmgr  s s~m
.. . .
FM7                C


Charanam 1

thaenil  vaNdu moozhgum  bOdhu
gmdmgmdg gdmgm gmdm mnSn dndd1d

aaaaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaaa
d~S.ndm2g. nd.nSn  n~d

paaavam  endru vandhaaL maadhu
gmdmgmdg gdmgm gmdmmnSn dndd1d

nenjukkuL theeyai vaithu.. mO.gam enbaaaaaai
g~nn  d   m   g   m  ndn~d d~Sn~S n dndd1d~n
F-5                       F

thaNNeeril moozhgikkonde... dhaagam enbaaaai
d~n d~nd   m    g  m  ndn~d d~S n~S n dndd1d
F-5                        F

thanimayilae verumayilae eththanai naaLadi iLamayile
d  d d n S~d d d d n S~d S~dd  n   S  S S  SS S S S~R

kettana i..ravugaL suttana ka..navugaL
R  R R  R~nn n n   n~dd d  d~m2m2m2m2

i...maigaLum sumayadi iLamayile
m2~gg  g g   g g g g  gg g g g~m