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Carnatic notes and chords for "Oh Butterfly" (Meera) Language : Tamil
Song     : Oh Butterfly
Movie    : Meera
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (Orig:Dm, Transpose:+2)
Band version (notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords)


Oh  Butterfly Butterfly

mp  m  p  m   g  m  g
Cm        Fm        Cm      G#

yen viriththaai siragai    wow wow
sr  g m   g     m p m      g   m
Bb        Cm        Fm  G# Eb  Bb

Oh! Butterfly Butterfly
mp  m  p  mpm g  m  gmg
Cm        Fm        Cm      G#

yen viriththaai siragai    yeniayum
sr  g m   gmg   m p mpm    p n  p
Bb        Cm        Fm   Gm

neeeeeee arivaayOOOO
S        RG SRSS
Cm9         G#add9

unakkaagaaaaa thirandhaen manadhin kadavaiiii
dn  nS S      n  d  dn    d p pd   p m n mp
    C#M7            Bb7       Bdim     Gsus4

Charanam 1
nerungumbOdhu agappadaamal parandhupOOOgiraai
n n  n  pgg   gg  p gn n   n n  g  grgpp p
                     . .   . .

nizhalaippOla thodarum ennai marandhu pOOOOgiraai
n n  n   pgg  g  g p   gnn   n n  g   grmgrr r
                        ..   . .

unnai naan sandhiththaen unnayae sindhiththaeen
s r   g    m  p    mpm   m p d   n  S    nSn
      Cm           Fm        Bb7         Eb

enai neeeeeee iNai saerum thirunaaL varumO butterfly butterfly
pn   nS       RG   SRSS   d  n n S  n d dn d  p  pd  p  m  nmp
     Cm9           G#add9      C#M7     Bb7      Bdim      Gsus4

<oh butterfly>