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Carnatic Notes and chords for "VizhiyilE" (Nooraavadhu naaL) Language: Tamil
Song    : Vizhiyile
Movie   : Nooraavadhu naaL
Defaults: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale   : Cm (Orig:C#m, Transpose:+1)
Transcribed by my student Mohan Govindarajan

Vizhiyilae mani vizhiyil mouna mozhi pesum annam
g d  p gs  s r  g d  p   g  r  s r   g r   g r

undhan viral thodum idangaLil ponnum minnum
s  r   g d   p  g   gr  s r   g  r   g  r 

ooohhhhhhh artha jaamangalil nadakkummmmmmm inba yaagangaLil
pdpdpdpdpg g  p  pn nd2S ndp g m2 pdpdpdpdp g p  pnnd2 GSndp
D#               Bb      D#       D#             Bb      D#                   

Kani idhazhgaLil vedhangaL nee Othalaam
p d  SG    R S   dpg   p   d   d2n dp
     Cm                       G#  F Bb G


Charanam 1
kOdi minnal Odi vanthu paaaavai aanatho (2)
nSS  nS S   nSS nS S   SRSGRSn  mgm p
Cm                     G            Cm

IvaL radhiyilum udal malarvanam
rg   m n  d2m   rg   m n  d2n
     F               Bb

Idhazh maragatham athil madhurasam
r g    m n d2 m   r g   m n  d p
       F                D#       G

IvaL kaaman vaaganam isai sindhum mOganam
m2p  G  GM  GR R MG  m2p  G  GM   GRR MG
     Cm  Fm      Cm       Cm  Fm      Cm

Azhagai padaiththaai oh brahma devanE
G S d   R n    m     mp d   d  d2n dp
    G#  Bb              G#     F Bb G