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September 26, 2016
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Language : Tamil
Song     : AedhO oru paattu
Movie    : Unnidaththil ennai koduththaen
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (not necessarily original but chose to align chords with the scale of the notes)


aedhO oru paattu en kaadhil kaetkum
Cm                              Bb

kaetkumboadhellaam un njaabagam thaalaattum
n   SR SR n   SR   Sn n G R G   SR  S   S
Bb        Gm          G#                Cm

en kaNgaLin imaigaLilae un njaabagam siragadikkum
S  S GG P   PM  M P GM  S  S R R M   M G G M  RG
Cm          Fm             Bb        G#       Cm

naan svaasikkum moochchinilae un njaabagam kalandhirukkum
S    SG  G  P   P M  M  P GM  S  SR  R M   M G  G  M  RGRSR
Cm              Fm               Bb        G#         Cm

njaabagangaL mazhaiyaagum  njaabagangaL kudaiyaagum
n   S GMGR   S S   SR SRSn n   S GMGR   S S  S  S
Bb           Cm            Bb           Cm

njaabagangaL theemoottum  njaabagangaL neerootrum
n   S GMGR   S   S R SRSn n   S GMGR   S  S   S
Bb           Cm           Bb           Cm

<AedhO ...>


kavidhai enraalae un peyarin njaabagamae
n S S    Snn  G   Gn n n S G SGS S S S
Cm         Eb        Cm

kaetkum isaiyellaam nee paesum njaabagamae
n S S   Sn  S  PMP  PG  G  MP  MPM M M M
Cm          Eb          Fm

pookkaLin maelae paniththuLi paarththaal mugapparu njaabagamae
M   P D   P  P   G G   M  P  M     M     R R  G PM G   R S R GRS
Fm                                       Bb

adhirshtam enradhum undhan machcham njaabagam
nn     S   SGR S    SRSR   n   S    SMG R S
Bb             Cm          Bb             Cm

azhagu enradhum unndhan moththam njaabagam
nn  S  SGR S    SGRnp   n   S    SMG R S
Bb         Cm           Bb             Cm

<AedhO ...>