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Language : Tamil
Song     : Anjali Anjali Pushpaanjali
Movie    : Duet
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


anjali anjali pushpaanjali
g p S  n S n  p   dn2 d mg
C      Cmaj7      F       C

anjali anjali pushpaanjali
g p S  G R Sn p   dn2 d mg
C      Cmaj7      F       C

poovae un paadhaththil pushpaanjali
s rg   g  m  m    p    pr  r   r r
   F                   Gsus4

ponnae un peyarukku ponnaanjali
s rg   g  m m m  p  p rr   r r
   F                Gsus4

kaNNae un kuralukku geethaanjali
s rg   g  m m m  p  pr r    r r
   C                Dm

kaN kaaNaa azhaghirkku kavithaanjali
sr  g  g   mm   m   p  p r r    r r
    Em                 G

<anjali ...>

Charanam 1

kaadhal vandhu theeNdum varai iruvarum thaniththaniii
d  d    d  d   d1   dd1 m g   gm d n   S  S   n  RSnd
Am                            F        C

kaadhalin pon sanngiliii iNaiththadhu kaNmaNi
d nS  G   R S RSGRS ndpm mm    p  m   g  s rg
Am                       Dm           C

kadalilae mazhaiveezhndhapin endhaththuLi mazhaiththuLiii
d d d d   d1 d1 dd1nd d1 mg  g m    d  n  S S     n  RSnd
Am                           F            C

kaadhalil adhupoaala naan kalandhittaen kaadhali
d nS  G   RS  RSGRS  ndpm m m  d p m    g  s  rg
Am                        Dm            C

thirumagaL thiruppaadham pidiththuvittaennn
g  m d1n   n  R  R  R    R G   S  RS SnRSnd
E7                       Am

dhinamoru pudhuppaadal padiththuvittaen
g  m d1n  n R   R  RGM GRG   S  R  S
E7                     Am

anjali anjali ennuyirk kaadhali
M M M  M M M  G G M    R GR  R
Fm            Gsus4            G

<poovae ...>