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Language : Tamil
Song     : Germanyin Sendhaen Malare
Movie    : Ullaasa ParavaigaL
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


germaniyin sendhaen malarae, thamizh magaLin ponnae silaiyae
p  S p d   S  n  d  p m g    p  p    S p d   S  n d p m  g
C      F      G         C    C           F      G        C

kaaaadhal dhaevadhaiyae...
mpmp m    g r g m   mp
C                   G

kaaaadhal dhaevadhai paaarvai kaNdadhum naan enai marandhaen
mpmp m    g r g m    mpmp m   g rr g    g  r gg r r g  g   s
C                    F                  Fm             C

chiththiramae sendhaen mazhaiyae, muththamizhae kaNNa azhagae
p    S  p d   S  n   d p m   g    p   S  p d    S  nd pm  g
C         F      G           C    C        F       G      C

kaadhal naayaganae...
mp m    gr g m mp
C              G

kaaadhal naayagan paaarvai kandadhum, naan enai marandhaen
mpmpm    gr g m   mpmp m   gr r g     g  r gg r r g  g   s
C                 F                   Fm             C

<germaniyin ... ponnae silayae>


poonjoalaiyae peNNaanadhoa, iru ponvaNdugaL kaNNaanadhoa
S  nSRSn  d p p  p  p p  g  gp  pSnnRSn d p p  p  p p
C             Em                C           Em

poongoadhaiyin nenjoadu nee, ini ennaaLumae koNdaadalaam
S  nSRSn   d p p  p  p  p g  gp  pSnnRsnd p p  p  p p
C              Em                C          Em

la la laa laa laaaa kuLir nilavin oLi neeyae
p  d1 dSd dSd dSd g g m   p n p n pn  p nn p
      Am      F           Em          G

la la laa laa laaaa enadhanbin sudar neeyae
p  d1 dSd dSd dSd g gm p  np n p n   p nn p
      Am      F        Em               G

sugam nooraaga vaeNdum paa paa pa paappaa
p d   n2 d  n2 d   n2  p   d   n2 R   M

en maarbil poomaalai poalaada vandhaay
n2 d   n2  d  n2 d   n2 d  n2 d  n2

nee sollum paadam sorggam
n   S RR G G SS n n p p g
G          C