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September 26, 2016
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September 26, 2016
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Language : Tamil
Song     : Paattu Paadavaa
Movie    : Thaen Nilavu
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


Paattu paadavaa, paarththu paesavaa
s   s  g  g p    n     n   r  r m
                 .     .
Cm               G7

paadam sollava, parandhu sellavaa
m  m   m  p d   S n  S   n  S p
Fm                Cm

paalnilavai pOlavandha paavaiyallavaa
p   p m p   d d dm m   mg g  gmgr r
Cm          Fm         G

naanum paavaithaedi OOdivandha kaaLaiyallavaa
r  g   gp p  pdp mg gmm mpmgr  gmgr  rgrs s
       Cm           G7         Cm

<Paattu paadavaa...>

Charanam 1

mega vaNNam pOla minnum aadayinalae
S S  SRSn   S S  SRSn   S R G R G
Cm                      G#

malay maeniyellam moodudhamma naaNathinaaalae
G GMG R  R R  RGR S  Smm   md d  d d  n2dpp
G                 Cm          Fm          Cm

pakkamaaga vandhapinnnnum vekkamaaguma
n2 n2n2 d2 n2 n2 n2Sn2d2  n2 R SRSn2n2

ingaae  paarvaiYOdu  paarvai saera thoodhu vaendumaa
n2n2Sn2 d2  d2 d2Sd2 d2 mm   m  d  d   d   dn2dp p
        F                          Fm            Cm

maalai allavaa nalla neram allavaa
S  n   S n S   m  n2 n2d2  n2d2n2
Cm                   Bb

innum vaanam paartha boomi pOla vaadalaagumaa
g d   pdpm   g   p   mpmg  r m  gmgr rgrs s
      Eb             G7         Cm

<Paattu paadavaa...>