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Language : Tamil
Song     : VeNNilave VeNNilave
Movie    : Minsara Kanavu
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (chords not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


veNNilavae veNNilavaae viNNaiththaandi varuvaayaa
n  s r r   r  r r grgs s  r s  r  m m  g r r  g s
G                      Cm              G

viLaiyaada joadii thaevai
s r sr mm  g3 g3s rmgmr
C                     G

indha booloagaththil yaarum paarkkum munnae
s g   m2pp  d   p m2 g  m2  p    p   d  p m2

unnai adhikaalai anuppi vaippoam
g m2  p p pS S n dp  g  s   rsr


Charanam 1

idhu iruLLalla adhu oLiyalla idhu rendoadum saeraadha ponnaeram
pd   m2p p  p  p d  m2pp  p  pp   p  d  p   d  S  S   nS dn p

thalai saayaadhae vizhi moodaadhae sila mottukkal sattenru poovaagum
p  d   m2ppdp mg  p d   m2ppdp mg  p p  p  d  p   d  S  S  nS dn p

peNNae...    peNNae...
G7           Cm

booloagam ellaamae thoongippoana pinnae
p  R  RS  S G  R   S    R  S  n  S  R
G7        Cm       G7

pulloadu poomeedu oasai kaetkum peNNae
p  R  RS S MG  R  SRSR  S   n   S  R
G7       Cm       G7

naam iravin madiyil piLLaigal aavoam paalootta nilavundu
pR   RR GR  S S RS  n  S  n   d3d3p  d3 n   S  d3d3p  mgmr