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Keyboard Notes/Chords for "Arey Re Arey Re" (Happy Days) Language : Telugu
Song     : Arey Re Arey Re
Movie    : Happy Days
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S (unless otherwise specified)
           (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C


arey reeee aaarey re manaseeee jaaare
sr   g~r~g r~pm~p g  s r g~r~g snrsn
                                .  .
C          F         C         G

arey reeee aaarey re  varaseeee maaare
sr   g~r~g r~pm~p g   s r g~r~g snrsn
                                 .  .
C          F          C         G

idi varakeppudu ledhe idi naa manase kaaadhe
pG  R G R~SS S  SSR   pG  R~G R~SSS  snrsn
                                      .  .
C               F G   C              F   G       

evarae manna vinade tana daaredho  tanade
pG R~G R~SS  S S R  p G  R~GR~SS   s rsn
C           F    G  C            G7    G

anthaa nee maayalOnae   rOZoo nee naamasmarane
r g    r   g  g rrg     d S   d   S  d S  R S
Cadd9                FM7(9)

premaa ee vinthalannee   nee vallanaee
r  g   r  g  g  r rg     d   d~SS S
Cadd9                 FM7(9)

<antha ... vallanee>

Charanam 1

sneha maeha jeevitham anukunna aaj mera aasale kanugonna
p~Sn  R  S  p  p p    mm g  p  S n R S  p p p  m m g g~r
Cadd9                 Fadd9          Cadd9     Dm7

malupulu ennaina      mudipadipOthunnaa
r g r g  rgm~dp       r g r g r~gm~dp
C             Fadd9 G C             Fadd9 G

ika sekanukenni nimishaalO anukuntu rOzu gadapaalaa
pp  S p p S~pp  p m g~~mp  pp S~pp  S~pp p m m~RS
    Cadd9                                    Fadd9

madhi kOrukunna madhu baala chaalle nee gOOlaa
p p   S p S  p  p m   g~mp  r~~~gm  s~r g~pg~p
      Cadd9           C     G7      Em7    Fadd9

<antha ... vallanee>