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Carnatic Song Notes
Song Name Movie Name Carnatic Western Band Version
Sarali Varisai Carnatic Primer View    
Jantai Varisai Carnatic Primer View    
Dhaattu Varisai Carnatic Primer View    
Mel Staayi Varisai Carnatic Primer View    
AlankArams Carnatic Primer View    
Varaveena Mrudu Paani Geetham View View  
Kamala Sulochana (Anandhabhairavi) Geetham View    
Mandharadharare (kAmbOji) Geetham View    
Janakasutha (sAveri) Geetham View    
KamalajAdhaLa (KalyAni) Geetham View    
Aanalekara (Suddha sAveri) Geetham View    
Padumanabha (Malahari) Geetham View    
Kereya Neeranu (Malahari) Geetham View    
Kundagoura (Malahari) Geetham View    
Sree GananAtha (Malahari) Geetham View    
shyAmaLe mInAkshi (shankarAbharaNam) Note View    
Shakthi Sahitha (ShankarAbharaNam) Note View    
Raravenu (Bilahari) Swarajathi View    
sAmbasivAyanave Swarajathi View    
Saami Ninne (Shankarabharanam) Varnam View    
Amma Anandadayini Varnam (Gambeeranattai) View    
Ninnukori Varnam (Mohanam) View