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Carnatic Notes and Chords for "Right Here Waiting For You" (Repeat Offender)Language : English
Song     : Right Here Waiting For You
Album    : Repeat Offender (Richard Marx)
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (See Legend for more details)

Oceans apart day after day    And I slowly go insane
pS    S RR G RG  R S   SRSd d   n S   SR dn dpp

I hear your voice on the line  But it doesn't stop the pain
p S    S  R R  RG RG S   SRSd d   n  S  SR   n    nS  S

If I see you next to never    How can we see forever
S  S R   G   GM   GS S SRSd S   R   G  GM  G  SSdp

Wherever you go Whatever you do
P   PM   G   SR R   RG   M   G

I will be right here waiting for you
S S    R  RG    RS   S  n    dp  p

Whatever it takes Or how my heart breaks
P   PM   G  SR    R  R   G  GM    RG

I will be right here waiting for you
S R    G  GM    GR   R  S    n   S