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Notes/Chords for "Dil Hai Chota Sa" (Roja) - Carnatic Notation Language : Hindi
Song     : Dil Hai Chota Sa
Movie    : Roja
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 S (unless otherwise specified)
           (See Legend for more details)

Scale/Key: C
Band Version contains notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords


Dil hai chhota sa   chhoti si aasha
s   g   r m g  g    r   pm g  g g
G           C     G           C

Masti bhare man ki   bholi si aasha
s  g  r  m  g   g    r  pm g  g g
C                  G          C

Chaand taaron ko chhoone. ki. aasha.....
p    p dp p~d d  d    dn2 d   n2n2 dn2dp
C         Dm                  Gm      C

Aasmaanon mein.... udne ki aasha.....
p dmg m   m  gmrgr rrpm g  g g  mgrsn
      F        G           C

<Dil hai...asha>

Charanam 1

Mehak jaoon main  aaj to aise
g p p p grs s     s r gm rg r
C               Dm            G

Phool bagiya. mein  mehke hain jaise
g p p p p grs s     s rg  m    rg r
C                 Dm           G

Badalon ki main  o.doon chunariya....
                   .    .  . .      .
s s d p pd d     dnS    R  S S n    S
C       Dm7    F           G        C

Jhoom jaooon main  banke baavariya.....
                         .. . .       .
s   s d p pd d     d  n  SR S S n     S
C         Dm7    F          G         C

Apni choti mein.... baabuloonghuniya....
ppS  n2dpd m  gmrgr r  p m  gg  g g mgrsn
C       F       G            C   

<Dil hai...asha>