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Notes/Chords for "Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya" (Jawani Diwani) Language : Hindi
Song     : Saamne Yeh Kaun Aaya
Movie    : Jawani Diwani
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (Orig:F, Transpose:+5)

Prelude  ( Keyboard/guitar )
pppd    pppg  ppp d d d ppp s

<voice starts here and then shifts scale by 1 semitone.
Which means that originally we started with C, now the song
would be in C# scale. But I am again going to transpose by 1
so that the rest of the song notes are in C scale.
Hope you dont get


s <slowly increasing slide all the way to> R1

Hey ho  ra ra ra  ra ra ra  ra ra ra
S   p   p  S  n   p  n  d   m  d  p

ae Hey ho
p  S   p

( Flute piece )
p S n p m d d m s p p g s p
( keyboard/guitar )
g m m2  pppd pppg ppp d d d p s

Samne yeh kaun aaya Dil mein hui hulchul
s gp  g   m  m d p  p   p    pp  p  p
C         F         C

Dekh ke bas ek hi jhalak ho gaye hum pagal (X2)
s g  p  g   mm d  p  p   g  g s  r   n s
C           F            C       G   C

Are baathein mulakaathein hum se  bhi to hongi
SS  SRSn     n n nSnd     d   dSd dg  g  g  g
    C  G         G  F         F             C

Are hum se khulenge woh aaj nahin to kal
nn  nSn d  d  dndp  p   p g m p   p  p
    G   F     F  C      C

lalalala lalalala  lalala lalala lalalala
g g g m  g g g s   g g g  m m m  g g g s \ harmony
p p p d  p p p g   p p p  d d d  p p p g /
C     F  C         F             C

(keyboard piece)
S G n R d S p n p n d m p g r r1
s-s p-p s-s d-s p-p-

s-s p-p S-  n2-n2-

Charanam 1
Rehna hai yahan  to  Dono hai jawan  to
p pp  p   p dn2d p   p p  p   p dn2d p
bhala door  kaise rahenge
p  p  S  Sp p dd  p dp m
   C                F
Mana woh hasein hai To hum bhi kam nahin hai
d d  d   d nSn  d   d  d   d   d   d nSn d
Woh Magrooru kaise  rahenge }(X2)
d   d dS  n  dp dn2 d p  p
    C        Bb     C
la la  La | la la  La la | la  La  la  la | La la la la
s  g   p    g  s   m  d    p   g   g   p    g  s  r  s
C                  F               C

<Samne yeh kaun aaya...>

Interlude 2
(Flute/keyboard piece)
G2GS p n2dn2d p g s
G2GS p n2dn2d p S
sgp n2n2n2n2n2n2n2 gpn2 SSn2S
G2GS p n2dn2d p g s
G2GS p n2dn2d p S