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September 26, 2016
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October 17, 2018
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Language : Hindi
Song     : Kal Ho Na Ho
Movie    : Kal Ho Na Ho
Scale/Key: C (See Legend for more details)

Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai Roop Zindagi
C   b  C  b C   b CE D C b  a b  a b
C                        Em

Chaav Hai Kabhi Kabhi Hai Dhoop Zindagi
C   b C   b C   b CE  D C b   a b  a b
C                         Em

Har Pal Yahan Jee Bhar Jiyo
g   a   C aCa f   g    a gag
          F              C

Jo Hai Sama.... 
Kal Ho Na Ho
g  a   C  f   a# a  gag
         F    Gm        C    

Charanam 1
Chaahe Jub Mein Poore Dil Se  Milta Hai Woh Mushkil Se....
b   C  F E D ED C ba  b   CDC b CF  E   DED C bab   C..gag

G                     Dm7     G                 F        C

Aisa Jo Kooii  Kahin Hai  Bas Vohi Hasin Hai....
bCF  E  DEDCb  a b   CDC  b C F E  D DEDCb a b   C...gag
G                    Dm7  G                  F         C

Us Haath Ko  Tum Thaam Lo  Woh Meherbaaaan Kal Ho Na Ho
gg a  C  aCa f   g   a gag g   a a f   a# a  gag
         F             C            F    Gm          C

<Har Pal ... Kal Ho Na Ho>

Charanam 2

Ho Palko Ke Saaye  Paas Koi...  Jo Aaye
b  b CD  g  g agfe f  gag n CD g  fe f a
G                  Dm7    G               F   C

Lakh Sambhalo    Paagal Dil Ko    Dil Dhadke   Hi  Jaaye....
bCF  E DD  DEDCb b CF E EDD DEDCb b C F  GDEDE Cba b  C  gag
G                Dm7              G                F       C

Par Sochlo  Is Pal Hai Jo  Woh Dasta...n Kal Ho Na Ho
g g a C aCa f  g   a   gag g   a CaCa gf f   a# a  gag
        F              C          F    Gm          C

<Har Pal ... Kal Ho Na Ho>