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Carnatic notes and chords for "Amuthe Tamizhe" (Kovil Pura) Language : Tamil
Song     : Amuthe Tamizhe
Movie    : Kovil Pura
Defaults : s r1 g3 p d2 (See Legend for more details)
Ragam    : Rasikaranjani (s r g p d S / S d p g r s)
Scale    : C (Orig:D, Transpose:+2)
Meter    : 4/4
Notes transcribed by Shivani

Sa Sa Re Re Gaa Gaa Paaaa Paaaa
s  s  r  r  r~g r~g p~g~p p~g~p

Sa Re Gaaa (2)  
s  r  g~~s
Sa Re Sa Re Ga Pa Ga Re Sa Re Gaaa (2)
s  r  s  r  g  p  g  r  s  r  g~~s

Amuthe tamizhe azhagiya mozhiye enadhuyire
sr g~s s r g~s sr  g p  g r  s  sr s  d s

sugam pala tharum tamizh paaaa
s r   s r  g  p   s g    p~g~p

suvaiyodu kavidhaigaL thaaa
tamizhaee naaLum nee paaduu
s r  s r  g p g   p   d~p~d g p S~d~S S~dp   p~g gdpgrs
C                     Am    C

Charanam 1
thaeeenUUUUUrummm theaeevaaaaarammmmmmmmmm 
d~S~d d~S~d d~S~d d~S~d d~S~dd~S~d p

isappaattin aadhaaram
gp  d   d   d dpdSd~p
Am          C

tamizhisaiyaeee thani isaiye tharaNiyilaeee mudhal isaiye
g p d  p  p~S~d p  d  SR  S  g  p d p p~S~d p d    SR  S
Am              C            Am             C              

ooN mezhugaai urugum karaiyum
d~S S R  S~d  dS d~p p d  p~g
C        Am      C

adhil ulagammm marandhu pOOOOOOgum
gp    gp d~p~d p d  S   S RGRG R~S
C     Am                C      Am

poonguyile ennnnOOOduuuu tamizhaee naaLum nee paadu
d~S S R S  S~d dSd dSd~g g p S~d~S d  p   p g dp grs
C          Am                             C