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Carnatic Notes and Chords for "Enna Saththan Indha Neram" (Punnagai Mannan) Language : Tamil
Song     : Enna Saththam Indha Neram
Movie    : Punnagai Mannan
Defaults : s r1 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (original: C#m, Transpose:+1)
Band version contains notes for interludes and bar-by-bar chords


enna saththam indha naeram uyirin oliyaa

p d  m   p    g r   s  s   ss r   nn s
Cm                           Bbm    Cm

enna saththam indha naeram nadhiyin oliyaa
p d  m   p    g rg  s  s   s s  sgr nn rss
Cm                              Bbm    Cm

kiLigaL muththam tharudhaa
r m r   r   r    g  p g
C#               Eb

adhanaal saththam varudhaa...adadaaaaaa...
rm  r    r   r    g p g      pn SGRGRGRS
C#                Eb            C#     Fm

<enna saththam...>
Charanam 1

kannaththil muththaththin eeram adhu kaayavillaiyae
S nd   n    n   S    S    S S   SS   nSnd mg g  g
Fm                                   G#

kangaLil aenandhak kaNNeer adhu yaaaraaaaalae
S nd n   nSS  S    S  S    SS   nSnddGR2MGRGS
Fm                              G#

kanniyin kazhuththaip paarththaal maNamaagavillaiyae
S nd n   n S    S     S     S     nSS nSnd mg g  g
Fm                                    G#

kaadhalan madiyil pooththaaL oru pooppooooolae
S nd  n   n S S   S    S     SS  nSnddGR2MGRGS
Fm                               G#

mannavanae un vizhiyaal peN vizhiyai moodu
g  r2g g~G G  G G  G    R2G R2G  nG  RS S
D#         G#m          D#           Fm

aadharavaaych chaayndhuvittaal aaariraroa paadu
g r2 g g~G    G     G  G  G    R2GR2G nG  RS S
D#            G#m              D#         Fm

aaaaaariraroa ivar yaaaar evaroa badhil sollvaar yaaaaroa
SGRGRnn R S   SS   SGRGRn nR S   S G    R   n    d  ndp
Bbm       Fm       Bbm       Fm         Bbm Eb   G#   Eb

<enna saththam...>