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Keyboard Notes/Chords for "Hosanna" (ViNNai Thaandi Varuvaayaa) Language : Tamil
Song     : Hosanna
Movie    : ViNNai Thaandi Varuvaayaa
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (Orig:G, Transpose:+7)
Band version (notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords)

Yennn idhayam    Udaiythaiy norungave
P     M2D~PP     GM2  P~~~S S R  G G~M2
G         Em          C            Dsus4   D

Yennn maru idhayam Tharuven nee udaikave
P     M2D  ND~PP   d  n S   S   Sn  d~pp
G              Em       C              G

<chords during synth lead>
| Cm | G# | D#add9 | A# | Cm | G# | D# | Gm |

Ohh Oooh   Hoosanna   Hoosanna   Oh oh Ohh
R   G~~S   d~pd  S    d~pd  S    m  m  p
C             Am         F             Gsus4   G

Ohh Oooh   Hoosanna   Hoosanna   Oh oh oh oh
R   G~~S   d~pd  S    d~pd  S    RS n  d  p
       C      Am         F        C

Andha neram andhi neram kaN paarthu kandhalaagi
S P   P P   P G   G R   R   G   S   R  G  G  P

pOna neram yedhO aache
P G  G R   R G   P P

Oh vaanam theeNdi vandhachu Appavin thittu ellam
P  P  P   P    G  G  R  S   R G S   R   G  G P

kaatrOdu pOye pOche  Hossanna
P  G  G  G P  S S    G  P  S
Gsus4           G

En  vaasal thaandi pOnaale   Hosanna
S~R R  S   R~~~GR  R S  R~G  G G  S

Verondrum seiyamale
R R  S    R~GR S S

Naan aadi pogiren Sukku noor aagiren
G    G G  G S S   G  G  G    G S S   (main vocals)
P    P P  P G G   P  P  P    P G G   (harmony vocals)

Aval pOna pinbu yendhan nenjai thedi pogiren
GG   G R  G  R  G  R    G  R   G  R  G R G P  (main vocals)
PP   P G  P  G  P  G    P  G   P  G  P G P S  (harmony vocals)

Hosanna   Vaazhvukkum pakkam vandhen
S R~GG    S    R G    G  R   M  G    (main vocals)
p d~SSdp                             (harmony vocals)
Dm7       Am

Hosanna   Saavukkum pakkam nindren
S R~GG    S  R G    M  R   R  R      (main vocals)
p d~SSdp                             (harmony vocals)
FM7       C                   G

Hosanna   Yen endral kadhal ennben
S R~GG    S   R G    G  R   R~MG R   (main vocals)
p d~SSdp                             (harmony vocals)
C         Am

FM7        D#M7

Hey babe i never wanna know what'd be lika feel like
S   P    P P     P  G  G    R      R  G S  R    G
I really wanna be here with you
P P   G  G  G  G  G    P    P--GR

It's not enough to say that we are made for each other
P    P   MM     G  G   R    R  S   R    G   S    R G

It's love that is hosanna true
P    P    G    G  G P  S  S
     Gsus4                G

Hossana'll be there when you're callin' out my name
G  P S     R  R     R    S      R  R    R   S  R~~G

Hossana feeling like my whole life has changed
M  G S  R  R    R    S  R     R~~G S   S

I never wanna be the same   It's time we rearrange
G G G   G  G  G  S   S      G    G    G  G S S

I take a step, you take a step, I'm here callin' out to you
G G    R G     R   G    R G     R   G R  G  R    G   R  G P

Hellooooo  Helloooo  Hellooooo  ooooooooHosannaa
G  P  G R  P  G   P  P  G  P D  P G P~G G G  R
C        Am        F          G

Hooooosaanna   Hoooooooooooooooooooo
n~S   S~nR S   n~S m   p d d~n
C         Am   FM7         Gsus4   G

Hooooooosaanna  Hoooooooooooooo
n~Sn~S  R~GR~S  r g m  r~g r~ss
C          Am       F         C

oooooh ooooh ohhhhho oohhhhooooooooo oooooooo
r~gr~s srgr  p~dp d  s r~s r~g r     r~g r~ss
    Dm    Am    FM7          Gsus4 G        C

oohhhhhhooooo  oohhooooooooooooooo
sr~sr~gmm~p~g  pp~dn~SnS S~Rnpmm~p
    Am          F        D#M7

<Vanna vanna pattu poochi...>