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Carnatic Notes and Chords for "Kaadhal Oviyam" (AlaigaL Oyvadhillai) Language : Tamil
Song     : Kaadhal Oviyam
Movie    : AlaigaL Oyvadhillai
Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: C (Orig:D, Transpose:+2)
Notes transcribed by Shivani & Ravichandra
(students of KEYLESS ACADEMY)

Female Hum   | S-p- n-p- | d----.dn |
   Female    | g---p--- | g-r-s-sr |
             | C" Em" | Am |
Female Hum   | S-p- d-m- | |
   Female    | g---m-s- | r---<n--- |
             | C" F" | G |
Female Hum   | g-s- r-s- | <n------- |
   Female    | s---<d--- | p------- |
             | Am" Dm" | G |
Veena        | [(rgr)-(gmg)-]%%% |
             | (G-C-)%%% |

Kaadhal oviyam paadum kaaviyam
r  r    gg g   r  gp  g  g g
G       C      G      C

thaen sindhum poonjolai  nam raajiyam
r     r  gmgr r   r gmgr grs rs n n
                                . .
G        C    G     C    Dm  G    G   C

endrum aanandham perinbam deiveeham  ho ho ho
s  g   p p  d1p  p p  d1p p  p  d1d  d  g  r
       C    Fm   C    Fm  C     E Am

<Kaadhal ... kaaviyam>

Charanam 1
Thedinaen oh oh oh ennnnnn  jeevane
p gp ndn  S  n  p  pm2gm2g  g  g g

thendraliley midhandhu varum thaen malareeeeeeee
p   p  d1pd1 d1d1  d1  d d1d d     d d ndn  Snnd
C        Fm  E           Am  Dm        G   E

nee enn naayagan kaadhal paadagan
d   RnR Rn ndd   d  RnR  Rn ndd

anbill odi inbamm kodi  endrum kaaNalaaaaaam
d1dd1d dd  
d1dd1d d d   r  rdp pdpm2m2 gm2gr
Am                    Cm6           D  C

<Kaadhal ... kaaviyam>