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Notes/Chords for "Manmadha Raasa" (Thiruda Thirudi) Language : Tamil
Song     : Manmadha Raasa
Movie    : Thiruda Thirudi
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n3
    (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm


Raasa Rasaaa  En  Manmadha Raasaaa
s  s  s s~~p  p~m m  p d   p~mm

Thaniyaaa Yengudhu  (Konjam sethukka raasaa)
m  m m~~g g  m p   m~gg 


Manmadha raasaa Manmadha raasa  kanni manasa kiLLaadhey
S  R S   n  S   S  R S   n  S   p~SS  S R G  R  RGRS~n
Cm                                           G

KaNNula Laesaa KaNNula laesa  enna kaNakku paNNadhey
S  R S  n  S   S  R S  n  S   p~SS S R  G  R RGRS~n
Cm                                         G

En pachcha odambula uchchi narambula
S  S   P   PP  D PD M  M   M M  P M~P
   Cm               Fm

kichu kichu kichu moottaadhey
G G   M M   P P   M~G G~RR
G#                G

en oththa usurula  muthu golusula
S  S  P   PP D P~D MM    M M P M~P
   Cm              Fm

onna vechu vechu poottaadhey
GG   M M   M~PP  M~G G~RR
G#               G

Manmadha raasaaa   En Manmadha raasaa
M  M M   M  MPMGR  R  R  R R   R  SRSn
Fm6                   G7

(following lines has same notes/chords repeated as above)
Manmadha raasa manmadha raasa onna muzhusa thinnaney
kaNNula laesa kaNNula laesa pithu pidichu ninnaney
on pacha odambula uchchi narambula ichu ichu ichu vechaney
on oththa usurula muthu kolusula enna vechu vechu thechchaney
manmadha raasa manmadha raasa

Charanam 1

enna uRaya vechu onna naraya vechu
G G  GG P  M G   R R  R R M  G R
Cm               Gm

summa alaya vechiye   vechiye   vechiye
S  S  SS G  R S  n2~p n2n2 n2~p
n2n2 n2~p
Cm               Gm

raththam uRaiya vachu muththam silayil vachi
G   G    GG  P  M G   R   R    R R M   G R
Cm                    Gm

ellam puriya vachiyae   vachiyae  vachiyae
S S   S S G  R S  n2~p 
n2n2 n2~p n2n2 n2~p
Cm                Gm

hey vaayOdu vaaayaa inikka vechcha
N2  N2 N2N2 D~N2D~P PP  P  P   P
D#                  Cm

enna mundhaaNayO..du  mudichchu vechcha
S S  N2 N2  N2D~N2D~P P P   P   P   P
     D#               Cm

hey  paayOdu paaayaa virichchu vechchen
S~N2 N2 N2N2 D~N2D~P P P   P   P   P
     D#              Cm

onna paavaththa  marachu vechen
S N2 N2 N2  N2  DSN2D~P P P P   P P
     D#                 Cm

hey azhagellam unakkuLLa thanga vechcha
M   MM  M  M   MD  P  M  G   R  R   R

pudhu azhagellam unakkuLLa  thanga vechcha
M M   MM  M  M   MD  P~DM~P G   R  R   R

aDi athukkuLLa  enna   nee enga   vechcha

hey raasa  raasa  raasa manmadha raasa
P~S S  S~p R  R~S G  G  R  R R   R  R
    Cm                  G

laesa laesa  laesa aagudhu laesa
S  S  R  R~S G  G  R S S   S  S