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Note and chords for the tamil song "NinaivO Oru Paravai" (Sigappu RoJakkaL) Language : Tamil
Song     : NinaivO Oru Paravai
Movie    : Sigappu ROJakkaL
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (Chords: Courtesy Kishmu)
Band version contains notes for prelude, interludes and bay-by-bay chords

NinaivOO oru paravaiiii
n S  n~S RS  n S n~S~~p
             paaa    pa papa papa
             S       n  p g  m p

vi.rikkumm      adhan siragai
G~PG  G~~S      Sp    P G G
D#                    G#M7
paaa    papa  pa pa   paaa    pa papa papa
n       p g   m  p    S       n  d1p  d1n

parakkum adhu kalakkum than uravaiiii
R M  G   RS   S G  R   S~~n Sn Sn SnS
Fm            D#            Bb7     Cm
paaa          paaa          paaa    paaa
d1            p             m       g


Charanam 1

rO.jakkaLillllllll panneer thuLi  vazhigindradhaen adhu enna  thaen
GDPG  G2G~S  GG2GD D~PG    G2 G   d S  dSG S d~~~G GM   GG2G2 G
C                                 Am               G#         C

adhuvallavOOOOOO parugaadha thaen
adhai innum neee parughaadhadhaen
GDP G  G2GSGG2GD D P G  G2  G     dS    dSG~S d~~G G M GG2 G2 G
C                                 Am               G#         G

adharkaaga thaaaaaaan alaipaaygiraen
MM   M  G  M~~S~~~~D1 D1D1D1  P M~~S

vannnndhaen   thara vannndhaeeeeeeeeen
M~P~G2G2      M  P  M~P~RR   G2RG2RG2S
D#         G#M7     Gm       Dm7-5