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Carnatic notes and chords for "Oh Oh Ethanai Azhagu" (Athey kaNgaL) Language : Tamil
Song     : Oh Oh Ethanai Azhagu
Movie    : Adhey KangaL
Defaults : s g2 m1 d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale    : Cm (Orig:Em, Transpose:+4)
Meter    : 4/4
Notes transcribed by Sharadha Charan
Band version has notes for prelude/interludes and bar-by-bar chords

Oh Oh ethanai azhagu Irubadhu vayadhinilay
s  g  mm  g   mm2 mg ss s s   n n n  n s
                              . . .  .
Cm    F7             Cm

Love Love ethanai kanavu EngaL kaNgaLilay
s    g    mm  g   m m2mg s s   n  n n s
                               .  . .
Cm        F7             Cm

Rim Jhim Ethanai malargaL Paruvathin thottathilay
m   d    nn  d   n n3 n d m m m m    g   g g  m
Fm       F7               Fm

Ding Dong Ethanai maNigaL Idhayathin Koyililay
m    d    nn  d   n n3n d mm  m m    g g g m
Fm        F7              Fm

DomDiDi DiDiDom 
DomDiDi DiDiDom DomDiDi DiDiDillo (chorus)
S  S S  n n n   S  S S  p p p   S  S S  n n n  S (male 1)
m  m m  g g g   m  m m  s s s   m  m m  g g g  m (male 2)

<Oh Oh Ethanai...kaNgaLilay>

Charanam 1
KannAdi Maeni MunnAdi POga  
ThaLLAdi ULLam PinnAdippooga
S  S n  S~Gp  S  S n  S p   S   S n  S~pp  S  S n  S~Gp

Poo vizhi enna  Punnagai enna
Ooviyam pesAdhO
S   S S   Snn   nS S S   Snn  nSSS    n n S

PesAdho Oviyam pesAdhO
Uyir Oviyam pesAdhO   (chorus)
S n S   SS S   n n S   p p  SS S   n n S

Kenji Kenji Konjum nEram Nenjai konjam tha  (2)
p  p  p  p  p  p   d p   m  m   m  m   p
Cm                       Fm            Cm

<Oh Oh Ethanai...kaNgaLilay>