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Carnatic Notes and chords for "Why This Kolaveri" (MooNu) Language : Tamil
Song     : Why This Kolaveri
Movie    : MooNu
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 (See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (Orig:F, Transpose:+5)
Band version contains notes for prelude, interludes and bay-by-bay chords


Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dii
R~G R~S  R G R S  R G G M  M G R S  S
Cm                Bb                Fm    Bb

Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dii
Rhythm Correct..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dii?
Maintain This..

Why This Kolaveri? ....... Adi
R~G R~S  R G R S           SS
Cm                Bb       Fm    Bb

Charanam 1

aaahn Distance'laa Moon'nuu Moon'nuu  Moon'nu Color'ruu White'tuu
S~~~P P  P  PD P~M M~~P M~G M~~P M~G  G~~P P  P D   P~M M~~P  M~G
      Cm           Bb                 Fm                Bb

White'tu Background Night'tuu Night'tuu  Night'tu Color'ruu Black'kuu
S~~~P P  P~~DP~~~~M M~~~P M~G M~~~P M~G  G~~~P P  P D   P~M M~~~P M~G
Cm                  Bb                   Fm                 Bb

Why This...di>

Charanam 2

White'tu Skin'nuu Girl'luu Girl'luu
Girl'lu Heart'tuu Black'kuu
S~~P  P  P~~D P~M M~~P M~G M~~P M~G G~~P P  P~~~D P~M M~~~P M~G
Cm                Bb                Fm                Bb

Eyes'su Eyes'suu Meet'tuu Meet'tuu  Myyi Future Dark'kuu  aaaaa
S~~P P  P~~D P~M M~~P M~G M~~P M~G  S~PP PDP M  M~~P M~G  R
Cm               Bb                 Fm          Bb        Gm7

<Why This...di>

(Mama, Notes Eduthuko, Apdiye Kaila Snacks Eduthuko)

Papapapaan Papapapaaan Papapapaan Papapaan
S G P P~~S S G P M~P~M S G P P~~G G P P~~M
Fm         Bb          Cm             Bb

Hahahahah Super mama. Ready. Ready.. One.. Two.. Three.. Four..
Apdii... Hahn... Hmmm.  wah! what a changeover mama.
Ok mama, now tune change'u

Charanam 3
hmmmmmmmm Kaila Glass  Only English'a
S~~~~~~~P S~DD  D    
Cm        Fm

hmmmm Hand'la Glass'u  
Glass'la Scotch'u  Eyes'u Full'a Tear'uuu
P     M~~P P  P     S  M~~~P P  P      S  M~~P P P    N DND  PDP
      Cm               Bb                 G#            Bb

Empty Life'u Girl'u Come'u  Life'u Reverse'u Gear'uuu
S~PP  P    S S~~P P P    S  S~~P P P P  N    DND  PDP
Cm           Bb             G#               G

aahn Love'u Love'u Oh My Love'u You Showed Mee Bow'vuu
S    S G    P P    S  G  P  MPM S   G~~P P P~G G~P MPM
Cm                 Bb           Fm                 Bb

Cow'u Holy Cow'u  I Want You Here Now'uuuu
S   G P   P S G  P MPM  S G~~P P   P~~G G~P P-DPM
Cm          Gm7         Fm7                 Bb

God'u  I  am Dying Now'uu  She Is Happy How'vuu
Cm           Gm7           G#               Bb

This'uu Song'uu For Soup Boys'uu We  Don't Have Choice'uuuuuuu
G    MG R~~S SR R   R~~G RGR  Sn n~G G     R~~S S~~~G  R-GRGRS
Cm              Gm7              G#                    Bb

<Why This...di>