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Language : Tamil
Song     : Naan Paesa Ninaippadhellaam
Movie    : Paalum Pazhamum
Defaults : s r2 g2 m1 p d2 n3 S (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)


naan paesa ninaippadhellaam nee paesa vaeNdum
r  g g  g  r g   g g   g  p r g g  gr r mgg

naaLoadum pozhudhoadum uravaada vaeNdum uravaaaada vaeNdum   hmmhmm  hmmhmm
r  grss   r m  grs s   rrpg rs  nrsnd p ds dsrmgrs s   s     ns ns   ns ns
                                .  .. . .  .                 .  .    .  .

naan kaaNum ulagangaL nee kaaaNa vaendum nee kaaNa vaeNdum   hmmmmmm hmmmm
r g3 g3 g3  rg3g3 g3  rg3 g3rss  r r m   g3  rmggr r   r     r p r r r p r

nee kaaNum poruL yaavum naanaaga vaeNdum naanaaaaga vaeNdum  hmmhmm  hmmhmm
r   gs s   r r   gs s   rp gr s  nrsnd p ds dsrmgrs s   s    ns ns   ns ns
                                 .  .. . .  .                .  .    .  .

Charanam 1

paaloadu pazham yaavumm unakkaaga vaeNdumm unakkaaga vaeNdum mmmmm
g3pp  p  p p    p  dn2d pdp g3 rs s   g3rm g3g3rmggr r   r   mrndp

paavai un mugam paarththup pasiyaara vaeNdum pasiyaara vaeNdum
p  sds s  r g   g     g    r g rmgrs nrsnd p d s rpgg  rgrss
.   .                                .  .. . .

manadhaalum ninaivaalum thaaaaaayaaaga vaeNdum naanaaga. vaeNdum   hmmmm hmmmm
r g3g3  g3  r g3 g3 g3  g3rg3mg3g3rss  r r m   g3 g  gmr r   r     r p r r p r

madi meedhu viLaiyaadum saeyaaga vaeNdum neeyaaga vaeNdum  hmmhmm  hmmhmm
r r  grss   r r  grss   mrpg rs  nrsnd p d ssrgrs s   s    ns ns   ns ns
                                 .  .. . .                 .  .    .  .

<naan paesa...>