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Language : Telugu
Song     : BhalE manchi ROju
Movie    : Jarigina Kadha
Defaults : s g2 m1 p n2 (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)
Scale/Key: Cm (not necessarily original but chose to align with the scale of the notes)


bhalE manchi rOju pasandaina rOju
p  p  mg m   p p  pSnS np pm m m
Cm                           Bbsus4

vasantaalu poochE nETi rOju aa.......
s g  m pp  mg m   g n  s s  pSnSnpmgmpmg
Cm         Bbsus4 Eb   Cm

<bhalE ...>

gunDelOni kOrikalanni guvvalugaa egisina rOju
m  p p p  mgg m g  gs mp p n p   mg g m  m m
Cm                    Cm         Bbsus4

guvvalaina aa kOrikalE  gooTilOna chErina rOju
g  m p nn  n  n n n Snp m  p S S  S nn S  S S
Eb                      Csus4     Bbsus4  Cm

ningi lOni andaalanni mungiTilOnE nilichina rOju
nS S  S S  SnnRSSn np pS S n nppm m g g  m  g gs
Cm7                   Fsus4       Eb        Cm

<bhalE ...>

Charanam 2

chandamaama andina rOju brudhaavani navvina rOju
m p p p  p  mgg m  mggs mp p   n p  mg g m  m m
Cm                      Cm          Bbsus4

tOlivalapulu chilikina rOju
g m p n n n  n  n n n  n Snp

kula daivam palikina rOju
pmpm pS S   S n n S  S S
Csus4       Bbsus4   Cm

kanna talli aaaSalanni sanna jaajulai virisina rOju
nS S  S  S  SnRS Sn np pS Sn np p m   g g m pm mggs
Cm7                    Fsus4          Eb       Cm

<bhalE ...>